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Three Easy Steps to Increase Sales!

1. Occasion Mix

Birthday cards should account for at least 60% of your display. See below. Birthday percentages may gradually decline with over 168 pockets in the store. Family captions typically turn slower than general birthday cards.

(1) 168 Quad pockets based on 4 B35D combo barrels plus stringers.

*Notions displays should have a maximum of 50% birthday and Thank You should be approximately 13%. The lower price and smaller format of Notions encourage impulse purchases and easy, "note card" sending occasions.

** Depending on store needs, miscellaneous pockets can cover kid's and milestone birthday, retirement, graduation, goodbye, new home, religious events, wedding & baby shower, and other secondary occasions.

2. Organize by Occasion

Group occasions together on your display for shopping ease. Make sure the Caption Card is folded to show in front of the first card. With "combo" pockets, group Classic/Deluxe/Qubes together by occasion.

3. Best Sellers and Card Position

Consult your sales representative and trust their recommendations for including best-sellers with every order. Best-sellers out-perform most selections based on personal preference. Many best-sellers perceived as "regional" can perform well nationally.

Sales Boosting Tips: How to manage your card occasion mix for optimum sales.

Sales Boosting Tips: How to use best-selling cards to increase your sales.