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Meet Bob, a Leanin' Tree Customer

"Leanin’ Tree cards are a perfect fit with the customers shopping my store. Not a week goes by without someone commenting on how we have the best greeting cards around. If we had known how well your cards would sell, we would have brought them in a lot sooner!”

Bob Senese, Tilton Market

Meet Lori, a Leanin’ Tree customer…

"Card sales have increased since our rep brought in the new Quad display and the great line of Leanin’ Tree cards. Our customers really enjoy the wide variety and quality of such a reasonably priced product. I would say Leanin Tree is our most popular card line. We are a family-owned pharmacy established in 1956. We appreciate that Leanin’ Tree has been a family-owned business since 1949."

Lori Clark, Corey's Pharmacy

Meet Bonney, a Leanin’ Tree customer…

"We are SO happy that we decided to bring in the Leanin' Tree greeting cards! Our customers absolutely love them and it's the perfect set-up to have right at the registers. Our owners are so delighted with the response that they've requested we bring in Leanin' Tree to our other locations as well!”

BonneyRose Triga, Grayco Hardware and Home